Felted Flower

28 11 2012

Creating one off, exotic flowers out of felt is both quick and easy.  Here is how.

You need some offcuts of prefelts, some wool fibre or top, scraps of scrim, lace and interesting yarns.  Choose some that have some contrast in colour and texture.





The next few photos show the layers.

Make a circle with the scrim or fabric.

Build your layers, adding wool as you go.

Once you have made all of your layers, mix some soap (I use dishwashing liquid) in hot tap water.  Wet the layers through with the hot, soapy water.

Place between two layers of bubble wrap and rub together between your hands.  Keep rubbing and agitating the layers until they start to bond together.  Re wet the felt as you need to and rub areas over the areas that are slower to felt together.  Keep rubbing until the layers are bonded together and the prefelt and wool are firm.

Once you are happy with it, rinse the felt in warm water to remove the soap.  Let it dry.  This is what mine looks like once dry.

Scrunch the back of the ‘flower’ gathering the centre together.  Try different layouts to see which way you like it to sit.  Stitch the back together to hold the shape.

Add some embroidery or beading to the centre of you flower.

You can now stitch this onto a bag, garment, quilt or jewelry finding.

Now you will need to make more.






One response

18 03 2013
Lynette (NZ)

Hi Cecile – have just done a blogpost about using scrim and linked to you. Hope you have fun on your next trip 🙂

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