December Newsletter – It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

2 12 2012

December already!  Amazing.  Where has the year gone? And why do we think this at this time every year?

I am running my Facebook 12 Days of Christmas Specials on the Unique Stitching Facebook page as well as the Santa please bring me…. promotion.  See below for more detail about both of those.

It has been a very full and exciting year at Unique Stitching.  We have continued to expand our product ranges, returned to many shows after a few years absence, run classes off the stand at all of the craft shows and had the opportunity to spend time with an amazing number of you.  I was able to go to Chicago to attend the Summer Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and Glenn and I went to Houston for both Quilt Market and Festival.  The absolute highlight of the year was returning to New Zealand in September to attend the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair and then have a holiday afterwards.  It was the first holiday Glenn and I had, ever, without children.

Next year we will be trading at 12 Craft shows – two in New Zealand and ten in Australia.  It is going to be a big year.  The first show is the new Palmerston North Craft and Quilt Fair and I have finalised my studio teaching schedule over the last few days.  I am looking forward to running some new, fresh hands on workshops at this and future shows.  I will be loading the Palmerston North classes onto the website for pre-booking shortly.

Many of you are aware of the decline and the demise of the Stitches and Craft Shows.  They were run down and damaged as a brand by the time the third or fourth set of owners closed them down.  The Brand name has now been brought by Expertise Events, the company that brings you the Craft and Quilt Fairs and you can expect to see “Stitches” back, better than ever before.  I am currently developing the workshops for the Rosehill Show (7 to 10 March) and the Brisbane Show (21 to 24 March). Let me know if there is anything you would particularly like me to include and I will see what I can do.

And the final show I am currently preparing for is the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne in April.  So much for December being down time, right?  I am bringing Judy Coates Perez to Australia for this show.  I am sponsor for the Friday night lecture, that Judy will be delivering.  This lecture will be very entertaining.  I can promise you that.  Judy is so much fun.  I am also supporting the new beginner patchwork and quilting classes, supplying cutting mats, rulers and rotary cutters for each student to use in class.  These are such a large outlay for someone who is not sure whether patchwork is for them and I thought that if I provided the tools, it might be an easier decision to give it a go.  Chris Timmins is running the classes so hopefully the classes will fill and everyone will be bitten by the bug.  If you know of someone who could benefit from these classes, please pass on the details and encourage them to take the plunge.  You can find out more details about AQC at  Judy’s classes are fully booked, but there are a lot of other options available.  AQC is an event that should be on everyones list as it is truely an event in every sense of the word.

I will be taking a table at the Gala Dinner again next year and will be looking for six or seven people to join Judy Coates Perez and I for dinner.  Stay tuned for how you could get a seat.

So Santa is clearly receiving your instructions from the Santa please bring me specials based on the orders streaming through.  I lost internet access for a few days this week and although I was able to read and process orders on my IPad, I was not able to update them.  If you have placed an order and not received a Shipping notification, it is not because the order has not shipped.  I am pretty much up to date, I just have not updated the computer.

If you want details of the Santa promotion, you can get it from:

We are now on Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas specials.  This link will take you there: or you can go onto and select the 12 Days Tab.  Each special offer is available for up to two days and the savings are significant.  Over the twelve day period I am taking between 15 to 20% off most items and will be featuring books, online class, wild drum carders, foils, Ice Resin and accessories, some of the paint ranges, fabric flowers and so much more.  Please join me and share with your friends.

Facebook remains my most common way to contact people as it is quick, timely, social and chatty.  So I do encourage you to like and engage with the Unique Stitching page.  I have a large number of new products coming in from Houston and as they arrive, I will load them on the website, but I will announce them through Facebook.  So please consider joining me and the almost 3500 others on there if you have not done so already.

Well, this has been a long newsletter.  Please stay safe over the silly season and I hope you get time to relax and spend time with your family.  I will certainly be aiming to do a little of that.

Until the new year, take care.




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