looking for a team

2 06 2013

Otherwise known as I want more friends.  LOL.

I am seeking people to join participate in one of two groups or options.  First I am looking for a group of people who want to use different materials in a monthly challenge.  If you nominate for this, you don’t have to participate every month and the participants can change, but I would like to develop a core group to ‘test drive’ products in your own style.  Each month will have a themed product which I will send to you.  You will then have a month to put it into something: a small quilt, art quilt, mixed media, papercraft, felt, embroidery, you name it I am open to seeing what you do with it.  On a set date each month, probably the first or thereabouts, I need images of your challenge piece.  These will all be published on Facebook and the most popular will result in a prize.  Some of these projects may flow through to the second thing I am looking for which are Guest Bloggers.

Guest Bloggers will be a paid gig.  I want a monthly guest artist to talk a bit about what they do and share a project in your own style.  Fees will be discussed privately.  Guest bloggers can use the platform to promote online classes, workshops or new release products, but the project must be original.  It does not however have to be a one off idea.  I would expect that guest bloggers would incorporate versions of their signature techniques so the development of the project should not be enormous or cumbersome.  It can also be something you have already made, but have not published.  Good quality images plus a tutorial on the project and/or associated techniques will be required.

If you are interested in either role or both, please email me on cecile@uniquestitching.com.au





2 responses

6 06 2013

Sounds intriguing, Cecile. I’m interested in trying it out.

9 06 2013
Susan Shafrir

Yes, I am interested and think its a great idea. I would be very happy to test drive any new materials Looking forward to hearing from you Suzi Shafrir


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