Incorporating Gelli Printing into Quilts

31 08 2013

I love creating my own fabric, whether that is by painting or dyeing and it is great to be able to use one off fabrics in projects.  That way you know no one will ever have anything like what you do.  Sometimes I meet in the middle of the unique one off and the commercial by incorporating elements of both.  Today I have taken some fabrics I monoprinted with the Gelli Plate and then stencilled the fore ground and incorporated them into some very basic patchwork using batiks and hand dyes.  The stencils are both commercially available.  The feather is from The Crafter’s Workshop and the ballerina is a Stencil Girl stencil.  Both will be very recogniseable in a range of different projects.  The batiks are Tulis Textile fabrics and the hand dyes, all my own.


This first one is monprinted and stenciled then stitched together with Tulis Textile Batiks.  Here is some detail of the priniting:


This second one is long and skinny.  I see it as a great growth chart or to decorate a narrow and long space.  Not that it will be either of those things, but it will be lovely as a simple demonstration for the Show stand or the Pop Up Classes.


And here is some detail:


I love this stencil.  One more sample to put together with Gelli printed backgrounds and then I can move onto something else.  What do you think?




2 responses

31 08 2013
gabriel tiller

Hello cecile, I am quite excited to hear you are coming to Adelaide craft show in November, 2013. I was lucky to catch up with you in October, last year. However, you were not able to bring your usual ‘Goodies’ . But you were kind to bring some procion dyes for me and I did buy some felt etc. Now because I don’t live in Adelaide I am looking to stay in town for whatever time I need, to attend your classes and buy up!!!! I spin, felt, dye, make silk paper etc., so I am wondering what sort of classes you may run? I am not a quilter! I have been reading your blogs and am interested in the use of lutrador, gelli and everything else that makes for exciting articles and or embellishments. Thank you again for a really good web site (I am not on Facebook) so your blogs are great. Cecile have you heard of ‘Inchies’ !!?? What are they? Thank you, Gabriel Tiller

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31 08 2013

Hi Gabriel.
I will be running a similar program in Adelaide to the one I am running in NZ next week. This link will take you to the NZ classes (prices NZ$)

Inchies are little pieces of art, one inch square. They are often made in themes and swapped. Inchies, like Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) or postcards are good ways to experiment with new products on a small scale.

I look forward to catching up with you in November.

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