Okay, I am outing myself

10 03 2015

I am outing myself as a work area disaster.  Many of you will know that we moved into a smaller home with the view of renovating and downsizing – reducing our footprint in the consumer world. And lets face it, we are getting older, the children are adults, our needs are far simpler.

However.  We moved in August, yes, seven months ago and my work space remains a disaster.  I get that I am insane busy and my life is one of perpetual motion but I am an ordered person and without order, I don’t function at 100%.  Maybe not even 50%.  So today when I looked around my work space I said “ENOUGH”.

So here, today, I am outing myself with the view that you, my collective community will shame me into fixing this.  I won’t get much done before I go to the US and return, but your job is to keep me honest.  Here are the photos (OMG don’t judge me!)

?????????? ??????????

?????????? ??????????

At the time of taking the photos, I had not even taken down the Christmas Quilt!!!!

The most amazing thing is that I have actually been working in here.  I know! How!

So this wont be an overnight adventure, but I will now make a big effort to get stuck in and fix this.  Watch this space.




6 responses

11 03 2015
Lisa Chin

You can do it! My studio is looking very similar right now and I’m afraid it will get worse, not better, because I am packing up for a retreat. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 😀

11 03 2015

Good luck with it, Cecile.

11 03 2015
Shashi Bondo

I wish you good luck; may I suggest that to make things easy on yourself & NOT get overwhelmed by the task, just take one wall of the room at a time. Don’t touch anything not on that wall or side & you will be amazed at how fast the job will get done. Each day you will see the progress you have made & you will feel good about your accomplishment for the day. Seeing your results is important & provides the next ‘push’ to keep it going when you see how good the work you did now looks.

12 03 2015

A gal after my own heart. I am exactly the same,. always telling myself I will fix the room, won ‘t buy more, but it never works. So I say to myself I love ll my “stuff” and close the door til next time. Don’t stress your self, enjoy while you can, there is always tomorrow. Some of us know exactly how it is.
XX Keep up the good work.

17 03 2015
Elizabeth Morley

You poor thing!! I sooo know the feeling

8 04 2015
Lynn Watson

Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cecile. I can tell you my study is the greatest mess in creation, and if we downsize, that’s probably when I’ll go into Panic Mode and start throwing paper down the shredder. I have too many hobbies and end up doing just the most urgent things; there are stacks of trays full of PAPER and “stuff” I want to keep, but it’s now getting beyond a joke. I am too ashamed to send you pics. The thing is, materials are bigger than pieces of paper, so it looks worse than it is. I’ve been told the way to go is do a little sorting each day, say 1/2 hour, – not too much or you’ll get sick of it, and end up achieving nothing.

Best of Ozzie Luck – and I’ll catch up with you in Sept and let you know if I’ve made a difference!!

Lynn Watson

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