12 Days of Christmas 2015 – Day Two – Fancy Forest Quilt Kit

7 12 2015

We are running a number of great Blocks of the Month for 2016. You can see the details of all of them by following this link: http://www.uniquestitching.com.au/c/195258/1/clubs-subs-and-boms.html

As a result of already having two new BOMs lined up, I resisted falling in love with any more. Sometimes, resistance is futile. This became especially so when I saw Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Forest Quilt.

FancyForest BOM

I don’t normally do cute. I don’t normally do projects that are dominantly Northern Hemisphere, but there was something about this quilt that I could not walk past, so I have ordered some (well, maybe more than ‘some’) and they are due to arrive in February 2016.

I struggled with the concept of this as a potential Block of the Month though. There is fundamentally only 6 or 7 different blocks in the whole piece, repeated. To me a BOM should be quite different every month and ideally stretch your skill level as you complete it, gaining in complexity as you go. Fancy Forest wont do that. You can do this as one big quilt, one little quilt or four panels that can be built into anything. So I was not going to run the programme as a BOM. I have kits coming. However, as it is nearly Christmas, I am also going to offer this as a BOM over twelve months, not because I think it is a traditional BOM. I am offering this over 12 months so that you effectively have a ‘layby’ option and can spread the cost.

Numbers of the BOM will be strictly limited.

For a Christmas special, I am offering the full kit at 30% off for two days. To go straight to the kit, follow this link: http://www.uniquestitching.com.au/p/9096332/fancy-forest-full-kit-by-elizabeth-hartman—pre-order-for-february-2016-delivery.html

Please bare in mind that this offer is a pre order. Kits will not be released until February 2016. By ordering now, you are guaranteeing your kit at a fabulous price. (And I know precisely how many I need)




2 responses

4 01 2016

Arggh! I wish I knew about this sale. I love this kit but can’t afford the full price.

4 01 2016

sorry about that. I do advertise fairly extensively when I do promotions and they are always worth keeping an eye on. Maybe next time.

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