8 fabulous tutors, one online community

31 01 2016

I am very excited to tell you about my next venture.  I am part of the Fiber Art Connection.  This is an online class, but better – an online community for you to join and share.  I am so honoured to be amongst this amazing group of artists.


This series of workshops will have each of us taking charge for a week and sharing ideas, techniques and some projects.  You will have access to lots of varied, but complementary skills for you to take on as they are released or when ever it suits you.  As an online series of classes, you can do these at your leisure when and where it suits you.  You can even do it in your pyjamas if you prefer.  Most importantly, once you are registered, you have access to the material forever.

Here are the line up of tutors in the order of their material being released and where you can see their work.

  1. Desiree Habicht – http://www.desireehabicht.com/
  2. Candy Glendening – http://www.candiedfabrics.com/
  3. Liz Kettle – http://www.textileevolution.com/
  4. Roxane Leesa – http://roxanelessa.com/
  5. Ruth Chandler – https://ruthchandlerdesignsblog.wordpress.com/
  6. me!
  7. Deborah Babin – http://www.deborahbabin.com/ and
  8. Rayna Gillman – http://www.studio78.net/

There will be a blog hop, give aways and great workshops.  We plan on having some fun!  Why not join us.

Registration opens on February 15th and the first class kicks of March 15th.  Follow this link to read more:  http://www.fiberartconnection.com/what-is-fac.html




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