Perth Quilt and Craft Show May 18-22

12 05 2011

We will be in Perth next week for the Quilt Show.  We will have a good representation of all our usual products, but not everything.  There will be plenty of fibres, magazines, dyes, paints, Lutradur, Tyvek, hand dyed fabrics, some books and all sorts of other things.

Each day I will run the following sessions and workshops:

9.45 on the Whats Hot Live Desk – Demonstrating the amazing reuseable Magic Stamps

10.30 in Workshop One – half an hour on incorporating Surface Designed fabrics into your patchwork and other projects.

12.00 in Workshop One – half an hour discussing how to incorporate different fabrics such as silks etc into your quilts.  Hot Fabrics – Cool Quilts!

1.00 in Craft Circle Four – a hands on experience using Shelley Stokes new Design Magic stencils to create positive/negative images on fabric with Shiva Stiks.

Finally I am collecting donations of high quality books and  magazines to take to Brisbane in June for Quilt groups that lost their library due to the recent flooding.  These are heavy and expensive to post, so if you would like to donate something, I will be sending it direct to Brisbane with my pallet.  You can also drop off sets of blocks, unfinished quilt tops or quilts.

We will have some great specials and new products, so come by and say hello.


Victorian Quilters also seek blocks for Quilts

26 01 2011

Further to a number of previous posts, I mentioned that I would let you know when I heard about requests for support for Victorian flood victims.  In the first instance, Jenny Bacon and Wilma Ladiges are collecting orphan blocks and quilt tops for the residents of Carisbrook where 200 homes were inundated.  They want to make a quilt for every home in this town.

Details of where to send them are Wilma Ladiges; PO Box 91 Carisbrook VIC 3464. 

If you want to make blocks specially for this cause, they seek 12 inch Rail Fence Blocks.  This is what they look like if you want to make them:

they are very simple to make.  Choose three fabrics and cut a 2.5 inch strip out of each fabric.  You will need at least 26 inches in length.  Stith the three strips together with a quarter inch seam, press and then cut into four 6.5 inch lengths.  Stitch the four units together to make the block.

Why do I own so many floral prints?

22 01 2011

I think I have already mentioned that I have fabric in every room and that over Christmas, I tried to consolidate.  This is still definitely in the category of ‘work in progress’.  Anyway, I pulled out scraps, charm square and bits so that I could see what I could use to make blocks for the Queensland Quilters and I have so many floral prints particularly in 5 and 10 inch charm squares.  WHY?  HOW?  They are all beautiful fabrics and I remember cutting the charm packs what I don’t remember is why I kept so many.

Some of these have now gone into blocks which I am about to put in the post so that is a good use for them.

The first set started as 10 inch squares which I cut into quarters.  I then (stupidly ’cause they ended up 9 inches when they were supposed to be 10) cut 4.5 by 1.5 inch green strips and yellow 1.5 inch squares.  Here are the resulting blocks:

I emailed Lynette from Sunbury quilters, who very generously didn’t tell me I was an idiot and suggested that they can use blocks of any size.  If you want Lynette’s details, you can see them in my post from 16th January. 

So, with correct maths in mind, I tackled a big pack of 5 inch squares.  I had a pack of 120 5inch floral, so I made 30 blocks using the same pattern as the earlier ones.  Except this time they are 10 inches square.  They are true scrap quilt blocks, with four different florals randomly selected.  They may be a bit much by themselves so I have cut some squares of plain green matching the blocks sashing so that they can be alternated.  Lynette and her group can use them all however they want to.   Here are these blocks:

Now, completely sick of florals, I went back to my happy place with some brights.  Sadly these too are 9 inch blocks, but they need some black or dark navy sashing and that will make a good sized quilt.  These started as 10 inch charm squares and strips of tone on tone brights.  I cut the strips 1.5 inches by 12 ish inches and used the Stack and Slash technique.  I did six piles of four, cutting each pile differently.  I stitched one strip into the cut and then cut again.  Here is the end result:

Hopefully these fabrics that have been in a cupboard for a very long time will find a good home.