Queensland Quilters Flood Relief

20 01 2011

As you know, there is a lot of activity around support for the Qld flood victims.  I have already featured two options for you to send blocks and quilt tops to, told you about auctions and other activities to raise funds etc and I am sure everyone is doing what they can.

I have been in contact with the Queensland Quilters to see what they need.  Kim Boland, their President got back to me (and others) this morning.  Here is her Letter

In short, they would like quilts made to comfort those effected, so please support those groups making quilts or donate finished quilts directly.  They are also seeking donations of  cotton fabric, cotton batting, unfinished quilt tops and any books and magazines in good condition or cash to purchase items.  All the details are in the letter along with an address to send these to.

One guild has lost their whole library to the floods.  I want to do something to fix that, but that is not a topic for here.

Please circulate this message as far and wide as you can.  Any contribution will make the world of difference to many people who have lost everything.   

I am going to contact the Victorian Quilters also to see if any of their members need some support.  Depending on what they say, I will let you know.


Books, Silk kits and more Flood Relief Fabric – what a day

16 01 2011

Today I did absolutely none of the things I had planned.  You know those days.  I got up to a heap of orders for the fund raising fabric which was both pleasantly surprising and unexpected.  So the first order of the day was to dye more.  Two bolts of fabric later, I have filled all of the orders with a little more to go before I have to dye more.  Wow.  Thanks to everyone who has become involved so far. 

I have to tell you up front, I have not ironed any of the fabric we packed today, so if you have ordered some, give it an iron and the lustre will come up beautifully.

Whilst I was processing orders I got the strangest email I have had for a while.  I thought it was spam and nearly deleted it.  A neighbour, ten houses down the street had returned from holidays to discover a package on her door step.  When she had a look at it she discovered it was for me, so did a quick google search to work out who I was and emailed me.  Off I toddled to collect it .  Well I went in the car because we were going to the Fruit and Veg market and it was very hot – we will just forget that I mentioned it was only ten houses down – very hot remember .  I had been waiting for this package and was just about to start getting worried.

It had some beautiful silk quilt kits:

these gorgeous fabrics


will make this quilt

the photo does it no justice. 
Also in the box where a pile of Surface Design books:  Art Cloth and Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold; The Painted Quilt by Linda and Laura Kemsell; Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor and Uniquely Felt by Christine White.  These are now all on the website.
These are all seminal books which are absolutely packed with ideas, techniques and projects.  I am gradually increasing my book range.  I decided to start with new releases and add the depth of the classics and essentials as I go.  It was important to me that I can get these at a price that remains competitive with overseas sellers, which is a feat in itself.   If there are any books you would like me to carry, let me know and I will see if I can source them for a good price.

 Now that the roast lamb is in the oven, I am going to go and sort some fabric to make blocks for two seperate collection points.  Firstly for Nikki Tervo’s call for quilted 12.5 inch squares and the Sunbury Stitches and Quilters.  They are after 10 inch square blocks.  10.5 inch is hard for me.  All of my usual quick and easy blocks are a nine patch variation so I am going to have to be a bit more creative.  If you want to join in either of these, Nikki’s details are in an earlier post and the Sunbury Groups details are below.

10.5 inch blocks to be sent to:

Sunbury Stitches & Quilters’ Inc.
     c/o Lynette Peucker (President),
     37 Jeffrey Crt,
     Gisborne South,
     Vic. 3437
This group is supporting a call from Qld Quilters, through the Victorian Quilters.  They will also welcome donations of wadding, fabric or any sewing goods.  If you want more information, get in touch with me and I will forward the full email to you.

Hand painted fabric to raise funds for the QLD Flood Relief

15 01 2011

Hi everyone.

Like everyone, I have been horrified to watch the unfolding tragedy of the Qld Floods.  Again, like many, I have been worried, reduced to tears and then warmed by the generosity of the human spirit in times of despair and loss.  Many people are making contributions in their own way, but I wanted to mark this event with something positive, hopeful and forward looking.  So rather than auction something I have already made, I wanted to make something fresh and share it widely. So I have spent the afternoon hand painting fabric to use as a fund raiser.  I hope that you will buy the fabric and make something to commemorate the event, but in a positive way.

The fabric is lovely with light, soft, floaty purples, greens and blues.

The fabric is very high quality 100% cotton fabric.  Great for patchwork, it is soft and supple enough for needle turn applique, yet perfect for backgrounds and piecing.  It will also make beautiful blouses or shirts because the drape is so gorgeous. I hope you can be tempted and help me raise funds to help the rebuild of this tragedy.  The fabric is now on the website:  www.uniquestitching.com.au

The thread count is 150 by 80 per inch – so a fabulous fabric, better than most PFDs available.  The finish is smooth and appears like silk. 

This is a one off, not to be repeated fabric.  The more you buy, the more we raise for the flood relief

Cost is $24 per metre.  I will cover the postage.