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The information provided here is free for your personal use.  Please respect my copyright and restrain from copying, duplicating or using any part of the material provided.  You may provide links to this page to friends etc if you would like to share.

How to dye with Procion Dyes.  Procion dyes are best on fibres from plants – cotton, linen, rayon, bark, leaves, soy etc.  They also do a fantastic job on silk.  This is one of only a few different ways to dye your fabric.  Different techniques generate different finishes and effects.  Start here and play.  Dyeing with Procion Dyes 

How to dye a Rainbow with Procion Dyes.  These instructions show you how to take any three dyes and produce a palette of colours.  This is probably my favourite technique.  I do this all the time with different colours.  Start with Red, blue and yellow if you want, but try other colour combiniations as well.   Send me photos of your finished dyeing if you like.  I love show and tell!  Dye a Rainbow Instructions

How to dye with Acid Dyes.  These dyes are best for animal fibres such as wools, wool yarns and silk.  Use these to get started.  Like the Procion dye instructions above, this is just a start.   Dyeing with Acid Dyes

Angelina Fibres – What are they?  This information is far from definitive, but will give you enough to understand what the fibres are and the differences between the types.  What is Angelina Fibre

How to make silk paper.  Use silk top, silk hankies, caps batts or a combination of silk and other fibres to make sensational fabrics.  Once dry, you can cut, stitch, embellish, applique etc this fabric.  SENSATIONAL and quick and fun.  Silk Paper

Applying Shiva Stiks with Stencils.  Shiva stiks are a great way to add colour, texture and patterns to fabric.  This is the first of several one page tutorials I will produce using these amazing products.  Applying Shiva Stiks with a Stencil and Brush

8 responses

9 08 2009
Laura Southwell

Your site and information are fantastic. Thankyou.

9 08 2009

thanks Laura, lovely of you to say so. I will continue to build this as a library of information, so please visit and share.

21 07 2010
Jean Newstead

Dear Friends How do I go about purchasing patterns?
Big sister angel quilt pattern
Array of colour
Humming bird
these are advertised by Unique stitching Clotilde in America I think. Can you help? many thanks Jean.

I d

7 08 2010

mind blowing but good

8 08 2010

i love your idea’s and the colour of the textile, my first expreance.

8 08 2010

thanks Ellen

17 08 2010
Julieanne Ryan

I am delving into the world of colour – dying with your procion dyes is there any chance that you may stock soy based (warm water soluble) wax for Batik dying with the procion dyes in the near future

23 08 2010

Hey Julie
yes I have a range of the resist products. I will get them on the website so people can find them over the next few days.

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