Dyeing the blues

6 12 2009

I am off to Townsville tomorrow for two and a half days and don’t have a thing to wear.  Or I didn’t.  After scanning the wardrobe for what seemed like days, I came up with two and a half outfits.  It was the half that presented a problem.  I pulled out a purple and blue silk shirt and a white cami undershirt but had nothing to go with it.  After making my own clothes for so many years, I hate spending money on things I know I could make myself – if only I had the time.  So, off I went to the local DFO to see what I could see.  Well these places arent discount outlets for nothing and after two laps I had come up with nothing.  A cup of coffee and a pep talk to focus my mind, I started out for the third lap determined to be more inventive.  Eventually, I found some white cotton pants that fit okay and were only $30, but I hate white.  By this stage, I had spent at least an hour and a half longer on this little expedition than I had planned, so I brought them home and soaked them in some diluted soda ash while I detemined what colour I wanted them to be.  40 grams of Medium Blue Procion Dye, three litres of water, the white pants and a couple of hours soaking time worked a treat creating pants that go beautifully with my silk shirt.  The picture below shows the pants at the bottom and the shirt on the top.  The flash has diluted the colour a fair bit in the picture.

Last night Glenn and I went to our last Canberra Rep Theatre production for this year.  We saw “It Runs in the Family” by Ray Cooney and arranged by Dominie Pty Ltd.  The blurb on the website describes the plot as: 

Dr David Mortimore is about to give a speech that will probably earn him a knighthood. But the arrival of an old flame—together with her 18-year-old son, the product of their relationship all those years ago—means that David is forced into an escalating series of cover-ups and inventions that involve a police sergeant, most of the costumes for the Hospital’s Christmas pantomime, and a large number of matrons.

This Classic Farce is a chaotic, infectious, hilarious end to the year!”

It really was hilarious and a fabulous way to end the season.  Hopefully Santa will bring one of us memberships for next year.  This performance runs for another week so go if you can.

Jazz Garters by Canberra Repertory Theatre

21 06 2009

Last night Glenn and I went out to the Canberra Rep performance of Jazz Garters. We have been season ticket holders to the Rep for a number of years and always enjoy the night out.  Jazz Garters is the first of a “new tradition” which replaces many years of running an Old Time Music Hall performance. The night was a blast. An eclectic collection of a broad range of genres was pulled off beautifully. It was a very very entertaining night showcasing some great talent. My only criticism is that I would have liked a central theme to pull the whole thing together, but you got so absorbed in each of the pieces that you did not have time to consider the disconnect. If you are able to go, Jazz Garters runs for another week and it is worth seeing. I look forward to this tradition going forward into the future.

This link will give you more details. http://www.canberrarep.org.au/

My first post

20 06 2009

Oh my goodness,  I have a blog.  The boys think I am doing this just to mess with their heads, and of course that might be a factor, but I decided it was time that I joined the 21st century.   I have no idea what I am doing or how this is all going to go, but nothing ventured nothing gained.  I was supposed to spend this afternoon dyeing wool as I have orders for two colours that I have run out of.  I still have time if I stop posting and start dyeing. I want to get these in the post late tomorrow and we have not had the best drying weather lately.

Glenn and I are off to dinner and the theatre tonight.  We don’t get out much so it is extra special when we do.