See me in Australian Patchwork and Quilting.

5 08 2013

It has been a long time since I have had a quilt published in a magazine.  As a general rule, I don’t have time to make, write up and submit magazine articles.  However, I have set some new goals, one of which is about increasing my contributions here and overseas.  This is the first.  Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol 22 No 11, page 106.


What do you think?

A Quilting Arts Gift Challenge – Make a Tag

27 04 2013

Quilting Arts Gift are running a challenge.  You need to make a gift tag.

Here is the link:

Or you can download a pdf of all the details here:  QAGifts_GiftTagChallenge2013


3 Day Sale on Books and Magazines at Unique Stitching.

24 02 2012


this is a very very quick note.

Over the next few weeks I have a heap of new products coming and I simply don’t have the space, so I want to clear out some books and magazines. I am going to keep it really simple. All books and magazines currently in stock, including magazine subscriptions, will be 20% off from now until midnight Monday 27 February. If you already subscribe with me and want to take advantage of this amazing saving, I can extend your existing subscription. If you subscribe through someone else, you can nominate the edition you would like to start from. Just go to the website and click on Books or Magazines to see what is available.

We have a large range of fabulous books covering the traditional to the very very contemporary. Our magazines include Quilting Arts (QA); Cloth Paper Scissors (CPS); CPS Studios; Stitch; and specialist magazines such as Stitch, QA and CPS Gift; CPS Pages; and International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene.

Magazines include free postage within Australia.

You need to use a discount code at the point of checkout and that code is book.

I hope I will see you at Rosehill NSW between March 8-11 or AQC in Melbourne 12-15 April.


Quilting Arts is on the web and I have added my Jan/Feb news

28 01 2012

I got the new Quilting Arts a couple of days ago, but it has taken me a bit to get it on the web and the subscriptions out.  I love this edition.  Some of my favourite people are in it: Jane DaVila, Judy Coates Perez, Jane LaFazio, Susan Brubaker Knapp, and Kathy York.  Not to mention a fabulous article on the 12 by 12 quilts with Brenda Gail Smith.  Love it.

And this is the news that will be going in mail orders for the rest of this month and February.  I thought you might like to have a look.  I will start loading these on the blog as I prepare them.  News from Unique Stitching January

Farewell FiberArts

4 07 2011

It is always with disappointment we say goodbye to an institution.  The current FiberArts magazine is the last.  Having spent some time looking at this mag, this edition is the best in a long time.  So sad.  For those of you with subscriptions, you will get a letter in you post out, but I have very limited numbers of the last three editions.

here is the last cover.  It could well turn out to be a collectable.

101 Patchwork Projects and Summer Stitch are here

6 04 2011

I came home to a mountain of magazines today. Both the brand new, never seen before 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts and the latest Stitch magazine – Summer 2011 are here. 

This is a really interesting magazine.  More a book than a mag, it has, as promised 101 projects.  You have to get to page 157 before you find a quilt.  If you ever wanted to make something that is not a quilt, this is for you.  In the 192 pages, the are projects are sorted by type:  Gifts; Personal items; home decor; Dining room; studio; quilts; kids and pets.  The index runs to four pages!  This is jam packed with small, achievable projects that friends and family can use.  It is sensational for a library of gift ideas.  For those of you still making things for fetes and fund raisers, you can’t go past it.  If you are looking for fresh funky quilts, this is not for you.  I will be very interested in your feedback. 

The latest Stitch magazine is, as always, fantastic.  This feature focuses on the use of colour.  The Spice Road segment is my favourite, but I love strong bold colours used unpredictably. 

Both magazines will be at AQC next week and will be on the webisite tomorrow at

April May Quilting Arts is here and 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts is on its way

26 03 2011


the new QA magazine arrived late yesterday.  Subscriptions will be in the post by Monday.  It is focused on projects inspired from nature.  The cover is shown above.

Interweave have a new magazine, which is a one off enormous patchwork issue.  Entitled 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts, more like a book than a magazine, it is just under 200 pages of fun, funky, fresh patchwork projects – everything from coats for you pets, vases, household items, garments and accessories and of course some quilts.  These are due for delivery towards the end of this month and look to be sensational.

Why I love the new Stitch Magazine

10 01 2011

The newest Stitch magazine arrived this afternoon and it is very exciting.

the front cover

So why do I love it so much?

Is it the article on Top 10 sewing techniques?  No although useful for anyone starting to sew, as an experienced sewer, I don’t need it. 

Is it the 14 applique projects?  No, there are about 10 I would like to make and one I have already drafted the pattern for, again I kind of get this. 

It could be the article on working with knit fibres.  There is a dress I MUST have and a lot of information that I learned from and will reference in the future.  If I were into jewellery, I could get very excited about those five projects and in fact there are same great ideas for gifts.

It is definitely the whole article on piecing including all five of the projects.

But the reason I love Stitch, this edition and everyone I have seen so far, is the fresh, modern, funky feel that it has.  It is making sewing cool and I intend on getting it into the lives of all the creative young women I know.

I so wish I had this 15-20 years ago, I would only have left the house to get fabric.

The magazine is now on the web if you would like to check it out.  Be warned, you might get excited.

New books and a quick sale

29 11 2010


I have been out of touch over the last few weeks.  It has been very hectic since I got back from Houston.  Anyway I should be home for a while now, I hope. 

I have received a delivery of new, hot off the press books which I have added to the website. 

I have decided to have a short sale on books, full sets of McKenna Ryan patterns (not individual patterns) and individual magazines (not subscriptions).  For the next ten days, until 8 December, you can get 10% off these items by ordering through the website at

To redeem the discount, simply add ‘book’ as the discount code at the point of checkout.  There is an instruction sheet on using a Discount Code available on the website if you need more instructions.  The discount only applies to products in stock.  Back orders will revert to full price.  Email me at if you have questions.

McKenna Ryan pattern sets include the two newest:  Down Under Christmas and Beach Walk.  Magazine discounts include Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors Gift; the International Quilt Scene magazine, Studios, Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts.  Our prices are already very competitive on these products, so don’t miss out.  These specials will not be repeated.

Don’t forget to join me on Facebook.  Search for the Unique Stitching page and press “Like” to follow my daily adventures or subscribe to the blog at


Santa’s wish list and magazines

26 10 2010


I have finalised my annual “Santa Please Bring Me” promotion.  These have been very popular in the past.  Use it to tell your family and friends what you would like for Christmas.  Pop it on the fridge, leave it on coffee tables, staple it to foreheads – what ever it takes.  Aimed at providing a range of gift ideas across all price points there are some great deals included in here or you can add your own ideas from the website.  It is a big document, so if you want me to snail mail you a copy just email me at with your name and postal address.

Here it tis:  Santa list 2010.  Here is a much smaller version without the pretty pictures. Xmas 2010 Wish list

The most recent Cloth Paper Scissors arrived today.  Subscriptions will go in the post tomorrow and it is available on line now.   Here is the cover:

Whilst I was in Brisbane the International Quilt Scene magazine which celebrates the International Quilt Festival at Houston each year arrived.   This is a stunning magazine.  There are close up, full photos of over 30 drop dead gorgeous quilts, including one by Jenny Bowker.  This in itself is enough for me to love it, but there is more!  Heaps of simple and achievable projects and some insights into the show itself.  It is available now, so order on line at

The cover is here:

Finally, please check out and think about whether you are prepared to contribute to Breast Cancer research.  We all know someone who has been touched by this terribly insidious disease.  They are hoping to build a data base of a million people so that reasearch programs can be meaningful.   I registered today and will take part in the research if I get the chance. 

I am here today and tomorow and then away until the 8 November.  Glenn and the boys will be home to deal with your questions, enquiries and orders.  When I get back I expect to have a lot to tell you and share with you.  In the meantime, I will try to post from Houston – internet access allowing.