International Teaching for 2017

5 02 2017

One of the reasons, I cut back on and then gave away the major Craft and Quilt shows was that I wanted to be available for opportunities to teach and maybe trade overseas.  When I was committed to 10 to 15 large shows in a year, I had no time to do anything else.  I also wanted to increase my teaching in Australia and New Zealand.  Teaching in prestige venues such as Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and Quilt Festival in Houston is a tremendous honour.  It is also incredibly good fun and you get to meet amazing people, both your fellow faculty and the fabulous students.

In 2017 I have again been invited back to teach at both venues.

I am also going to be part of an international online collaboration for the second year:  The Fiber Art Connection.  Fiber Art Connection was created by Desiree Habicht as a collegiate way to provide diverse textile art classes online.  It is a unique format and one that is very supportive for students.  As a participant you get access to ten weeks of material; five teachers spreading the material over two weeks each plus a bonus week.  All of the teachers are experienced highly regarded textile artists who share a lot of material with you.  This year there will be Desiree Habicht, Leonore Crawford, Libby Williams, Lisa Chin and me!  The material is diverse and will broaden your textile art skills.  And you can do it all from your own home, in your pyjamas if you like at your own time and pace.

The 2017 classes kick off on 1st March and you can book in now.  To find out more about this, check it out online here:

Festival of Quilts Birmingham

Returning for the fourth year in a row, I have an incredibly full schedule again this year.  Last year I taught nine classes/workshops and all bar one was full to overflowing.  Hopefully this will be the case again this year.  The show runs from Thursday 10th August until Sunday 13th August.  My schedule is:

  • Wednesday 9th – Old Man Time – an all time favourite and all day class;
  • Thursday 10th – I Dream of the Sea – this class sold out last year before it was open to the public and this year I have made it a full day class so we can pack more in;
  • Friday 11th – 9.30 to 12.30 – Stamp making – this is a new class and we will explore loads of ways to make stamps and then try them out;
  • Friday 11th – 1 hour Quick and Easy Workshop – 2.15 pm – Monoprinting and Stamping with the Gelli Plate, another very popular and tried and tested class;
  • Friday 11th – 1 hour Quick and Easy Workshop -3.30 pm – Silk hankie bowl – this is a foundation class I have been teaching for over 10 years – explore how to turn fibre into fabric and make 3D objects too;
  • Saturday 12th – 1 hour lecture – Adding paper elements to Art Quilts – come, sit down listen to me explain how and why I work with paper and see loads of examples;
  • Saturday 12th – 1.30 to 4.30 – Dye a Rainbow – another class that sells out everywhere I run it.  Learn three techniques to create dyed fabric to use in your textile projects;
  • Saturday 12th – 5.00 to 8.00 – Sticks and Stones – or Just Sticks – this is a new class that will explore some less commonly used media to make patterns, texture and movement on fabric;
  • Sunday 13th – Indigo and Shibori – another new, or at least renewed, class in which we will discuss Indigo dye and spend the day creating a range of shibori fabrics using multiple techniques.

It is going to be a full on program, but I live to teach and I go to Birmingham to work.  The classes will be open for booking soon.  This is the website for more information:

Quilt Festival Houston

In 2017, I will be returning to teach in Houston for the third time.   I am very excited to be invited back again, though I am hoping all the political turmoil will have settled down by November. The Festival opens for trading on the evening of Wednesday 1st November (preview night) and for formal trading from Thursday November 2nd until Sunday November 5th.  I am teaching some of the classes above at Houston.  I chose the most popular classes to offer, so I hope everyone can get excited about them.  Classes run at the venue from Monday 30th October through until lunch time on the Sunday. This is my schedule:

  • Monday 30th October – I Dream of the Sea, all day;
  • Tuesday 31st October – 9.00 to 12.00 – Dye a Rainbow;
  • Tuesday 31st October – 2.00 to 5.00 – Stamp Making;
  • Thursday 2nd November – Indigo and Shibori, all day;
  • Friday 3rd November – Old Man Time, all day;
  • Saturday 4th November – Saturday Sampler – Printed Fabrics, Stunning Quilts.

This is a perfect schedule as it will give me time to see the quilts, check out the trading floor and catch up with my US teacher friends.  I can’t wait.  Class bookings won’t be open for a while yet, but you can order a catalogue or keep an eye out for the online ordering on this web page:

Teaching in Australia

In between that and a few other international commitments, I have capacity to run any or all of these classes locally for your group or guild.  I will be travelling to a number of regional shows this year and can extend my stay or visit on the way to or from these events.  This keeps the travel costs down; or I could just come to you when it suits you.  If you want any details on the classes, please email me at

Of course, if you can not get to a face to face class, you can join the Fiber Art Connection (above) or one of my online classes or clubs.

Online classes


I hope to see you somewhere this year.




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